Wolf Psycho

Stats Edit

  • WP Required: 450
  • HP: 200
  • Power: normal
  • Howl: Normal
  • Speed: Normal

Tips Edit

  • Psycho's name is a nod to its unique ability, throwing a ball of energy toward a target enemy to force them to run toward the psycho as if in a psychotic rage. The movement of the afflicted target is linear and cannot be controlled, save for bumping into the environment.
  • Psycho's ranged attack slows the player down while they aim with a crosshair that is projected onto the screen.
  • Psycho's secondary attack when in the air is a standard downward attack, but it turns completely invisible in a puff of smoke for less than a second then reappears with the attack.
  • Killing a player by pulling them to die via falling/fall damage will not reward Psycho with a kill point or WP. This will only count as a suicide for the target.

Abilities Edit

  • Basic attack
  • Dive attack
  • Pull
  • Wall cling
  • Roar heal

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